Thanks to Tatsura for supplying us with this comprehensive discography. 

  • The Tip Sheet
  • CD (UK 1994, features ‘Not Listening’)
  • The Tip Sheet
  • CD (UK 1994, features ‘Blind’)
  • Rough Trade Singles Club Vol.4
  • CD (JAPAN 1994, Rough Trade/TDK Core TDCN5148, features ‘Too busy Thinking’/’Liar’)
  • Pinnacle Independent
  • CD (UK 1994 features, ‘Not Listening’)
  • In The City ’96
  • CD (UK 1996 features, ‘Feel Alright’ (Demo)
  • Firkin Greats
  • CD (UK 1997 V2 VVR1000752, features ‘This Is The Sound’ (Single Version)
  • V2 Compilation
  • CD (UK 1997 VVRCD3P, features ‘Stay Ahead’)
  • V2 Compilation
  • CD (UK 1997 VVRCD2P, features ‘Mr Wilson’ (Demo)
  • Bewildered
  • CD (UK 1997 WILD4, features ‘This Is The Sound’)
  • The Knowledge
  • CD (UK 1998 KNOWPRCD 2CD, features ‘Stay Ahead’)
  • Melody Maker In Car Stereo
  • CD (UK 1998 Magazine Covermount, features ‘Stay Ahead’)
  • The Speed Of Sound
  • CD (IRELAND 1998 Hot Press Magazine Covermount, features ‘This Is The Sound’)
  • Hot Shots
  • CD (IRELAND 1998 Hot Press Magazine, features ‘A House By The Hill’)
  • Mojo Machine 4
  • CD (UK 1998 Mojo Magazine, features ‘Dig Like Merry Hell’)
  • Q The Music 7
  • CD (UK 1998 Q Magazine, features ‘Don’t Let Them get You Down’)
  • Club Hits 98/99
  • CD (UK 1998 Virgin Records VTDCD208, Sky Sports 2CD, features ‘Be What You Are’)
  • A Bucketfull Of Possibilities
  • CD (UK 2004 BOB65 Bucketfull Of Brains Magazine, features ‘You Saved My Life Again (Acoustic Version)
  • IPO Vol.6
  • CD (US 2003 Not Lame Records NL87. 3CD set, features ‘Crashpad Number’)
  • Pop Renaissance
  • CD (JAPAN 2004, Excellent Records EXCD14 3CD set, features ‘Be What You Are’ (Alternate Mix)
  • Playlist
  • CD (IRELAND 2005 HMV CD, features ‘Love Over Gold’)
  • Radio Cookie Scene
  • CD (JAPAN 2002 Magazine covermount, features ‘Crashpad Number’
  • NME Rock’n’Roll Riot
  • CD (UK 2003 NME Magazine Covermount, features ‘Idiot World’)
  • Uncut, Eight Miles High
  • CD (UK 2003 UNCUT Magazine Covermount, features ‘Crashpad Number’)
  • Uncut, White Riot Vol.1
  • CD (UK 2003 UNCUT Magazine covermount, features ‘London Calling’)
  • Uncut, Tracks Inspired By Bob Dylan
  • CD (UK 2004, UNCUT Magazine Covermount, features ‘Gates Of Eden’)
  • Uncut, Across The Great Divide
  • CD (UK 2005 UNCUT Magazine Covermount, features ‘No Time At All’)
  • Uncut, Highway 61 Revisted….Revisited
  • CD (UK 2005 UNCUT Magazine Covermount, features ‘Tombstone Blues’)
  • Five Way Street, A Tribute to Buffalo Springfield
  • CD (US 2006, Not Lame Records NL121 2CD, features ‘For What It’s Worth’)
  • Hearts On Fire, Sweet Relief 2.
  • CD (US 2010, Jam Records, features ‘Love Will Rule Our Hearts’)
  • The Word, 'Now hear This' 
  • CD (UK 2011, THE WORD Magazine covermount features ‘Love Over Gold’)

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    Double LP, CD & iTunes.

Uncut 8/10, Mojo 4/5, Record Collector 4/5,

Irish Times 4/5,  

  • 1. No Hallelujah Here
  • 2. Oh Death, Don't Yet Call Me Home
  • 3. Ball And Chain
  • 4. Love Is All Or Love Is Not At All
  • 5. A Child In Midstream
  • 6. Brightest Of Blue
  • 7. Your Ghost
  • 8. Lost And Lonely
  • 9. Catalina In The Distance
  • 10.Against All Odds

LP includes exclusive postcard & poster by Gee Vaucher. Includes the single 'Ball and Chain' and the title track featuring poet, author, philosopher, musician and co-founder of Crass, Penny Rimbaud.

Signed copies are now sold out.


4 discs remastered at Abbey Road from the original tapes. Expanded editions with 22 previously unreleased tracks. Out now on Limited Edition 'Original Master Recording' discs. 

Contact us through this web page for order details.

Ten Of Swords (TPLP1114CD)

World On A Wire (TPLP1100CD)

All Wrongs Reversed (TPLP1219CD)

Dust Of Rumour (TPLP1115CD)



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