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European reviews..


Some European reviews for the new Marc Carroll album.

IYE in Italy have a 8/10 review here

Ondarock in Italy have a great review here

Mpodia in the Netherlands have a 8/10 review here

A couple of other pieces from Italy are here & here


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Mojo Magazine..


The current issue of Mojo Magazine has a 4 star review of the new Marc Carroll album, ' Love Is All Or Love Is Not At All'.



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You can listen an interview (and some songs) with Marc Carroll here :<


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You can read an interview with Marc Carroll here :


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An online video interview with Marc Carroll talking about the new album, working with Crass and other things, can be viewed following the link below


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Uncut magazine review..


The current issue of Uncut Magazine in the UK has an 8/10 review for the new Marc Carroll album :

Far reaching 7th album from the Dublin bred veteran.

Uniting Carroll with Crass narrator/poet Penny Rimbaud, the title track maps this Dubliner's wide rangeing themes.

Encompassing the warped salvation of 'Ball and Chain' and heartbreaking Gaza tribute 'No Hallelujah Here', Carroll mines all of the elements - Folk, jangle pop and the elemental Big Music - that have characterised his development. The sureness of approach and purpose, aided by accompanists including Bill Fay trumpeter Noel Langley and Big Star's Jody Stephens, accommodates the dazed 'Brightest Of Blue' and celebratory 'Lost And Lonely' to deliver a seamless, satisfying triumph.'


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     NOVEMBER 6TH 2015

Uncut 8/10, Mojo 4/5, Record Collector 4/5,

Irish Times 4/5

 Ltd edition deluxe double LP, CD, DL

  • 1. No Hallelujah Here
  • 2. Oh Death, Don't Yet Call Me Home
  • 3. Ball And Chain
  • 4. Love Is All Or Love Is Not At All
  • 5. A Child In Midstream
  • 6. Brightest Of Blue
  • 7. Your Ghost
  • 8. Lost And Lonely
  • 9. Catalina In The Distance
  • 10.Against All Odds

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