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Grant Hart 1961-2017..


An excerpt from the book 'Buried Treasure' (Libery Press, 2016):

"Grant Hart's 'Intolerance LP' from 1989 is a truly beautiful record with great songs. I first heard it in 1991, when I was living in Dublin. I think I bought it in Comet records or Freebird - I can't quite remember. When I first heard it, I just knew that the argument about who was the better writer in Husker Du was redundant. It was Grant all the way for me.

His voice, sense of melody and use of language was just extraordinary. Grant also looked like someone you wanted to hang out with. Bob wrote some great songs too, but Grant is also a painter, and that quality and form also translates into his songs. They aren't one dimensional. They live on and off the record.

It certainly didn't, and still hasn't become an internationally known record. I think it's a safe bet to say it's tucked away in the large universe of cult records, which is a shame, but those that do know it, love it. Some people even wrote songs about Grant. There is also a film about him which is worth tracking down.

The first time I saw Grant play was when I opened for him at a show in 1992. I still have the huge street poster for it somewhere. It's too big to frame but it's a lovely reminder of the event. I fondly remember meeting him for the first time and I've seen him many times over the last couple of decades, and have played more shows with him, and we hung out a bit.

The thing with Grant is that he is out there somewhere, and always doing something, whether it's playing shows, painting or making a record. He exists in his own world and marches to his own drum, and I can understand and relate to that."

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Radio special ..


A 1 hour Radio show dedicated to Marc Carroll was broadcast on Plastico Elastico in Spain. It can be listened to here :

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A new book 'Buried Treasure Vol.2' includes a critical overview of the long deleted 1997 album, 'Where Old Ghosts Meet'. Marc Carroll also contributes to the book with a piece on the Grant Hart album, 'Intolerance'. Published by Liberties Press, it is available now.


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A short interview/article can be seen here for PRP in Portland, Oregon.


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European reviews..


Some European reviews for the new Marc Carroll album.

IYE in Italy have a 8/10 review here

Ondarock in Italy have a great review here

Mpodia in the Netherlands have a 8/10 review here

A couple of other pieces from Italy are here & here


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Mojo Magazine..


The current issue of Mojo Magazine has a 4 star review of the new Marc Carroll album, ' Love Is All Or Love Is Not At All'.




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    Double LP, CD & iTunes.

Uncut 8/10, Mojo 4/5, Record Collector 4/5,

Irish Times 4/5,  

  • 1. No Hallelujah Here
  • 2. Oh Death, Don't Yet Call Me Home
  • 3. Ball And Chain
  • 4. Love Is All Or Love Is Not At All
  • 5. A Child In Midstream
  • 6. Brightest Of Blue
  • 7. Your Ghost
  • 8. Lost And Lonely
  • 9. Catalina In The Distance
  • 10.Against All Odds

LP includes exclusive postcard & poster by Gee Vaucher. Includes the single 'Ball and Chain' and the title track featuring poet, author, philosopher, musician and co-founder of Crass, Penny Rimbaud.

Signed copies are now sold out.


4 discs remastered at Abbey Road from the original tapes. Expanded editions with 22 previously unreleased tracks. Out now on Limited Edition 'Original Master Recording' discs. 

Contact us through this web page for order details.

Ten Of Swords (TPLP1114CD)

World On A Wire (TPLP1100CD)

All Wrongs Reversed (TPLP1219CD)

Dust Of Rumour (TPLP1115CD)



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